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At the Long Partnership, we offer all the advantages of a Charters Accountancy practice and a bit more. We can support you with all of your tax and accounting needs. But we like to go further and support our clients to grow their businesses.

Are you on target? Do you have big plans for your business?  The truth is business never stays the same, it always moves in one direction or another. Just like the people in it a business has a cycle.

The tied and tested reality for all successful operations is following a plan or having a process. The really successful organisations have a strategic plan. A plan that is monitored and adapted to market or business conditions.



As part of our service, we offer a strategic planning meeting. It is about checking that you are on track with your plans and aspirations for your business. These are great conversations, however, there are a limited number of slots each month.

Whatever your needs don’t hesitate to get in touch we can help.

The Business life cycle

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