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When the 2017 Budget Dust Settled.

The 2017 budget seemed like a theatrical performance with a thin plot. Philip Hammond delivered his budget on 22 November. I think many people wondered if there was actually any meat in it. Initially, there seemed to be a lot of political theatre. But we are now seeing indications of more sinister changes on the […]

Hammond let me down, But I saved £3800 on VAT!

I was a bit tardy in getting the slides ready and making my recording this week. No problem, I thought. Hammond is delivering his budget, so I can get plenty of material from that. How wrong could I be? On the face of it, there was plenty of crowd-pleasing giveaways.  There was also lots of […]

How does VAT Impact a business and sticking to the rules

The transition to VAT registration is a bit like adolescence. How does VAT Impact a business? Once you are through it everything is fine but the act of registration can be a bit fraught. But then your business is “all growed up” and you can put the frustrations and angst behind you.  It may have […]

VAT in 5 minutes! And Once in a Decade?

Explain VAT in 5 minutes is it possible? I’ve been getting a lot of questions recently about basic practicalities of the VAT. I thought I would spend a few minutes to highlight some basics and also throw in a few planning points. To cover all the complexities of VAT in 5 minutes is plainly an […]

Property Taxes and Reliefs Plus 1000mph!

In my role, I get lots of questions, which keeps it interesting. What is curious is how the themes to these questions pass like waves. Presumably, the themes are dictated by what is out there in the media. The latest theme has been property taxes and reliefs. There has been a lot happening to tax on […]

Auto-Enrolment and Pensions, Plus IQ Tests

We passed a milestone a few weeks back regarding auto-enrolment and pensions; they are now part of every business employing staff. In this weeks sound bite, I am looking at how far we have travelled and what to expect.  But first, did you see the squabble that Trump is having with his secretary of state over IQ. You […]

Tax Refunds and Leadership Speeches.

I thought I had it all planned. Christmas was starting to appear in the shops, and so I found a topic for this week’s Sound Bite that reflected the Christmas (or January) mood. Tax payments and tax refunds. Then comes along Theresa (pass me a lozenge) May and coughs her way onto many of the […]

Playboy’s Brand Power, and Highland Spotlight

A brand power house died this week, Playboy and Hugh Hefner are forever linked. The bunny logo is one of the most recognised logos from the last century. That image and the man who created the brand will always create a reaction both positive and negative. Hugh Hefner was 91 and will be laid to […]

Highland Spotlight 2017 and Ten Reasons to Visit

  The Highland Spotlight Exhibition is a Free event organised by the Inverness Chamber of Commerce. It takes place on Tuesday 26th September at the Kingsmill Hotel Inverness. The show is a big part of the highland business week which features events all over town and culminates with a lunch at the Drumossie Hotel on […]

Tax & Pensions and Investment with Whisky or Lego

I’ve just returned from a tax conference where a hot topic was pensions, the tax reliefs available and efficient saving for retirement. There were certainly some interesting ideas around tax & pensions and how to make the most efficient use of your pension contributions. After the conference was over and I was on that long road […]