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Cash Back from HMRC for R&D. No White Coat Required.

As you should have realised by now we do more than just accounts and tax. We like to think that we support our clients in all aspects of their business. If it means securing ( Cash Back from HMRC ) a timely cash payment when they are developing new equipment or processes is just a […]

Change, Uncertainty or Progress, MTD and VAT?

Do you look at the world and see change, uncertainty or progress? I thought that the two words sum up the world at the moment are change and uncertainty. Much of it is in the name of progress. Perhaps that has never changed and the consistent thread of life is change and uncertainty.  In our sound […]

IR35 and the Public Sector Skills Gap.

Has the government shot itself in the foot? Are we seeing another ill thought out government policy decision? Don’t worry, I’m not going to get all political here but I will leave you to make up your own mind. The recent announcement of a refocusing of the MTD project (Making Tax Digital) and the reasons […]

How to boost your pension & BBC’s payroll under scrutiny.

I am returning to pensions in our sound bite with, “ How to boost your pension and save tax at no additional cost”. But first, What do you make of all this stuff about the BBC’s payments to it best-known presenters? I think there are many issues around the disclosure and thought it worth some […]

When Things Come to an End

The end must inevitably come for everything. It is a fundamental law of the universe. How we get to that point is up to us, and hopefully, we will have a say on when and how.  Benjamin Franklin said that in this world nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes. He wrote […]

How to Build your Business with People

Your business is starting to grow. You are getting busier. You are at full stretch. What next? You need people to help carry the load. It is the obvious next stage for growth.  So let’s look at how to build your business with people You need to bring people into your business at various levels […]

Bridging the Gap and Measuring Progress

Bridging the gap could be a metaphor for life,  so often we find ourselves on one side of a divide looking for a solution to get to that place that is just our of reach.  This week the theme is measuring progress and getting to where you want to be. I was in Inverness Wednesday […]

Fail to Plan and You Plan to Fail, and Over Night Success

I was at the Hoy half marathon last Sunday in Orkney. An excellent event and a good day out. I was impressed by the comradery of all the competitors. It almost made me think about running, almost! What came to mind as I saw the event unfold was that as spectators we only see the […]

An Idea is not a Business, but Music may be Different

An idea is not a business. The history of entrepreneurship is littered with great ideas, from better mouse traps to the exotic deli in a rural village. In today’s sound bite we explore the difference between an idea and a business and what is important when moving from one to the other.   However, as I […]

Moving your ideas into reality & the reluctant the cyber heros

You are giving birth to a business. Your baby begins life as a spark of an idea, small but precious. Your baby is growing. The spark grows as you wrap around it the ideas that will ultimately result in a fully functioning, albeit young and immature, business. Moving your ideas into reality is the process […]