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Saving Car Tax, plus the James Bond Dilemma

Last week I was considering the loss of contractors from the public sector due to a change in government policy. This week I want to look a company car taxation which is another area that is policy driven. ( sorry pun) I get a lot of questions about cars that are purchased through the business […]

5 key strategies for fledgeling business & no politics..

This week I am looking at organisation, systems and the NC500. Absolutely no politics here! So let’s talk about 5 key strategies for any fledgeling business.  Two of these involve organisation and systems, particularly information systems. Even if you have been in business a while, I think you will find these ideas interesting. The NC500 […]

Vat hike for low-cost traders

My thoughts today are with the approach of the tax year and that nasty VAT hike for low-cost traders. I am on a train from Inverness to Dunblane … Well, not exactly. I was on that train, but as I write this, I am in a hotel in Dunblane. There were two surprises waiting for […]

Personal tax allowances, deadlines and decisions

March is well underway and spring is around the corner which can only mean the new tax year is closer than ever. Back to basics this week and looking a the personal tax allowances. In other news, I received a letter this week, signed by Ruth Davidson. Does that mean that I am really somebody now? […]

The Business Leader Webinars Sandy Mackenzie

The business Leader webinar with Sandy Mackenzie  Alan Long and Paul Harvey.  The business leader Webinars are an ongoing programme to interview ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  Sometimes these events will run live during the day so please join the sign list for advanced notice, just enter your details in the box below. Sandy Mackenzie […]

Business Leader Webinars Rob Hamilton

The business Leader Webinars are part of an ongoing programme to interview ordinary people doing amazing things. The original plan was to run these events live during the day. Due to the availability of speakers and technology it has proved better to record these in advance and publish them later. Do you have a story […]

Business Leader Webinars: Bruce MacGregor Blazing Fiddles

As part of the Business leader webinar programme Bruce MacGregor came into the Inverness Office to speak to us. It was a good conversation during which he shared: How he manages the various projects. Insights on crowd funding. The importance of teamwork.     We had a technical issue with the webinar software so apologies if […]

The Importance of a Strong Team

Where are the Strong Teams? After the momentous events of the last 3 weeks, the country needs to see strong teams in UK politics each promoting their own vision and laying out their stalls. You can see the importance when you look at the difference between the Labour Party and SN. One divided and dysfunctional […]

Business Leader Webinars: Stewart Nicol Inverness Chamber Of Commerce

Just one week on from the EU referendum, it seemed natural to invite Stewart Nicol to share his views and insights.   The Inverness Chamber has a long history (over 125 years) supporting business in the region. Stewart is the first full time Chief Executive. He was appointed to that position in 2008 and since […]

Referendum The EU or Brexit? Clear or on the Fence?

Referendum The EU or Brexit?   In today’s Sound Bite I will tell you exactly what I am going to do on 23 June! This week we are all about making decisions and leadership. How did UK Plc get to a place where the government, the leading party is tearing itself apart, with supposed party colleagues publicly infighting. […]