Bridging the Gap and Measuring Progress

Bridging the gap could be a metaphor for life,  so often we find ourselves on one side of a divide looking for a solution to get to that place that is just our of reach.  This week the theme is measuring progress and getting to where you want to be. I was in Inverness Wednesday […]

Fail to Plan and You Plan to Fail, and Over Night Success

I was at the Hoy half marathon last Sunday in Orkney. An excellent event and a good day out. I was impressed by the comradery of all the competitors. It almost made me think about running, almost! What came to mind as I saw the event unfold was that as spectators we only see the […]

5 key strategies for fledgeling business & no politics..

This week I am looking at organisation, systems and the NC500. Absolutely no politics here! So let’s talk about 5 key strategies for any fledgeling business.  Two of these involve organisation and systems, particularly information systems. Even if you have been in business a while, I think you will find these ideas interesting. The NC500 […]

An Idea is not a Business, but Music may be Different

An idea is not a business. The history of entrepreneurship is littered with great ideas, from better mouse traps to the exotic deli in a rural village. In today’s sound bite we explore the difference between an idea and a business and what is important when moving from one to the other.   However, as I […]

Moving your ideas into reality & the reluctant the cyber heros

You are giving birth to a business. Your baby begins life as a spark of an idea, small but precious. Your baby is growing. The spark grows as you wrap around it the ideas that will ultimately result in a fully functioning, albeit young and immature, business. Moving your ideas into reality is the process […]

The Book that Changed our Business, Dodgy Expense Claims, Big data & Presidents

This week we start our journey through the life cycle of your business, and I want to introduce you to the book that had a profound effect on me it is the book that changed our business. First the good news! Monday saw some positive news for a change, the face of the new French […]

The Business Life Cycle & Royal Announcements.

The business life cycle is cradle-to-grave analysis or putting it another way Hatch, Match and Despatch. It is an interesting day to discuss the business life cycle, as we are surrounded by events that show the process in its full glory. The Royal Announcement The Palace has announced that Prince Philip will retire from public engagements from the autumn.  Yes, […]

VAT and charity plus little acts of kindness

No more politics … Last week we were into VAT and charity looking at how they can save money. Then we became overwhelmed by the announcement of a snap election. Funnily enough, after the last sound bite, I received an email saying how much they liked our weekly post but begging for us to stay […]

VAT and charities, Weetabix, and a snap general election

This week I am returning to that most opaque of taxes,  VAT, I want to focus my attention on VAT and charities, how it impacts and some of the ways that a charity can save vat by being vigilant. You would think a charity would be exempt from all taxes including VAT, but that is […]

Happy new tax year, and new pound in the pocket.

Yesterday was the Hogmanay for accountants up and down the country. Shame we could not celebrate this New Year in the usual fashion … school day today! The planning is over, and as of today, we crossed into the New Tax Year of 2017/18. In today’s sound bite I am bringing our planning series to a […]