BNI Inverness, the Highland Chapter

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BNI Inverness

The Long Partnership was one of the founder members of the BNI Inverness Highland chapter. It is about networking, meeting people with a common goal, supporting each other and doing business

The world of marketing communication has changed significantly in my business career. Like every successful business, we have to keep pace with the changes.

That means using digital mediums to advertise and promote our business and services as well as the more traditional approaches.

Everything changes and yet it remains the same.

With all of the instant communication at our fingertips, including emails, social media like facebook, twitter, whats app and the rest. It still comes done to meeting someone, shaking the hand, looking into their eyes and having a conversation.

The BNI Inverness Chapter

BNI Inverness

I’m in the shot, first on the right

So when a new BNI Inverness chapter started, I knew it was important for us to be part of it.

The group has a strong diverse membership. We meet weekly, going through an agenda that supports everyone to make new connections and do business.

In the 18 months that the Inverness group has been meeting, the chapter has generated more than £1 million of business, comprising contracts and work that can be directly attributed to connections made within the group.

Even if you are uncomfortable with networking the BNI system supports it members to find their voice and connect with people to build their business.

BNI Inverness Business Expo

March this year saw the first BNI Expo at Eden Court. It was an opportunity for all the members to come together at an exhibition in the Bishops Palace. A well organised day that put BNI Inverness and all of its members on the map. The video below explains it all.

If you would like an introduction to a BNI meeting please get in touch.

Carpe diem

Alan Long