Sound Bites: Charity Part II, tax relief and a bigger warm glow!

So that was Christmas and this is Hogmanay. let me be the first to wish you a very happy New Year.


It is a big day in Kirkwall tomorrow we are preparing for. THE BA’ an ancient game of street football that looks more like crowed rugby.  Check out the webcam at 1pm on New Years day to see the action. If you miss it click this link “Ba’ Games “  there a couple of Youtube videos on the page that capture the atmosphere of the day.

Last week we were looking at ways in which companies can give donations to charity or Community Amateur Sports Clubs. The post is here charity-tax-relief-and-a-warm-glow.  This week I am turning my attention to charity donations by you as an individual and gift aid.

Did you make any donations in 2015 or are you considering making any large charity donations in 2016. As I was saying in my last post, successive governments have created a tax structure that looks to reward both the giver and the receiver of a charitable donation. But in doing so they have created a mass of excessive bureaucracy, rules and formalities.

There may be options that could make your generosity more efficient for both parties.  Video Below.


Thanks for watching. If you are looking to make a large charity donation it is worth checking with us, as said there could be more efficient options than just writing the cheque. If this or the previous episode has raised any thoughts or questions, please get in touch.

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Making life less taxing!

Alan Long
The Long Partnership