Highland Spotlight 2017 and Ten Reasons to Visit

Highland Spotlight 2017


The Highland Spotlight Exhibition is a Free event organised by the Inverness Chamber of Commerce. It takes place on Tuesday 26th September at the Kingsmill Hotel Inverness.

The show is a big part of the highland business week which features events all over town and culminates with a lunch at the Drumossie Hotel on the 29th to celebrate the Highland Business Awards.



Ten Reasons to Visit  Highland Spotlight 2017

Are you planning to attend? If you are on the fence here are ten reasons why you should attend the Highland Spotlight Business Exhibition. Trade shows can be fascinating if you approach them in the right way. You must go there with a purpose. You cannot be like a sponge and take in everything that the exhibitors want to push in your direction.


In order to get the most out of it you must have a purpose. Otherwise, you are at the mercy of all the salesmen and women at each stand. They will have a good day and you will end the day frazzled and achieve little or nothing for yourself. So, these are our top tips for visiting “Highland Spotlight” and keeping your sanity.

1. Its local so make the most of it. Most trade exhibitions involve travelling and possibly an overnight stay, so as this one is in Inverness, grab it with both hands.

2. The Highland Spotlight is a unique opportunity to see a snapshot of local businesses that are actively looking for clients like you and you never know, one of them might be just right for you and that seemingly impossible problem you have been considering for the last while.

3. One aspect of attending any such show is that it alerts you to what services are “out there” that you had not previously thought existed. In this fast moving tech world, new services are coming on stream all the time. You might not buy from that exhibitor but you will be better informed. You mind will have been expanded.


A Chance to Check out the Competition

4. Come and see what your competitors are up to. If they do not recognise you, play the daft laddie and quiz then about their latest developments, what services they are offering etc. Then take that information home with you and plan how to take your own business forward.

5. Remember that some of the best ideas come from watching how people in other industries or trades resolve issues. There is money to be made in bringing solutions from other business sectors back to your own business. Look what Apple did to the mobile phone market.

6. If you are into your social media, Spotlight is a golden opportunity to see and be seen , take photos and selfies and then feed that material into your Facebook, Twitter etc. People cannot help but think that you are confident in business, popular, well liked and well connected; someone they would like to do business with.

7. Get away from that desk! Sitting working at a desk or workbench all day every day numbs the brain. It needs stimulation so come along to spotlight and any other gathering of potentially like minded business people and see what it does for your creative side. You’ll be amazed; you’ll be inspired.


Discover New Business Opportunities

8 Business opportunities are just waiting for you, hidden behind those exhibition stands. Don’t just listen to the sales pitches. Get in there and ask questions about their business. Remember, you are looking for opportunities for your business, not for them. You are stalking opportunities! Dig for the gold that is hidden behind the facades and ask direct and searching questions. Dig hard enough and you will find gold in the form of valuable answers.

9. Collect business cards, refer to the directory and use all other outlets provided to you during the show to create a list of contacts for your files. Put them on a mailing list. You never know when one of your new contacts might be interested in doing business with someone just like you in the future.

10. While you are at Spotlight, attend a free educational seminar. Do the tour of the exhibition hall, take in the seminar, then go around again. Some of the faces will have changed. Remember it is not just the stand holders you will be speaking to at the event. There will be plenty of businesses present wandering around just like you.

Here’s a bonus tip – Have fun. Yes – have fun. Enjoy your day and feel the energy levels on the rise. Allow yourself to be stimulated and if one stallholder is boring you, sapping your creative energies, move on there are plenty of others

We will be at Spotlight. Come and see us at stand D15 and take the test (just a bit of fun) to see if
you are on target in your business. Never boring! All will be revealed on stand 56. Ready, aim, fire!  We’ll be waiting.

The event is Free to attend, you can book in at the venue or save time by registering your visit here