KashFlow the Award Winning

Accounting Software & Business Dashboard

We believe that kashFlow will benefit your business in many ways. However you have to experience KashFlow to really see its features and appreciate the power it could bring to your business. So we’d like to give you the opportunity to try it for FREE.

Click here for your free trial.


During your trial, you will have access to all of KashFlow’s features. You get unlimited invoicing, unlimited purchases, everything small business or larger ones need, all with free and fast support!  You don’t need to give us your credit card or bank details. If you decide it is not for you, there’s nothing to cancel. Your trial will end and you’ll owe us nothing.

If you like  KashFlow and want to continue, then it starts at just £10 a month.  – not much to ask for an accounting system for your business that’s going to save you so much time each month. You can upgrade to the full service at any time using the UPGRADE button at the top of your KashFlow dashboard.

Thank you for reviewing KashFlow with the Long Partnership.


Alan Long