Playboy’s Brand Power, and Highland Spotlight

A brand power house died this week, Playboy and Hugh Hefner are forever linked. The bunny logo is one of the most recognised logos from the last century. That image and the man who created the brand will always create a reaction both positive and negative.

Hugh Hefner was 91 and will be laid to rest next to Marilyn Monroe, having purchased the plot next to her back in 1992. Even in death, Hugh is causing a stir. Monroe, another icon from the same era was known to have been embarrassed by her appearance in his magazine.

This whole story seems to be just so daft and I cannot quite make up my mind what I think about it and the fact that it is getting more publicity than issues such as Brexit. That is the media for you.

Personal Brands

Brand PowerHere we have two characters who were hugely influential in years gone by. Presumably, it is just their perceived legacy or could it be that the generation, probably male,  are the ones who giggled over the copy of Playboy that a teenage boy smuggled into school, or who remember those pictures of an attractive blond woman in various poses, generally aimed at men. Are we all reliving our youth and a more innocent time?

Whatever you think or feel about the man he was a clever businessman who amassed a considerable fortune on the back of his notoriety and story.


Changing Times

While the Playboy brand power is strong, the business has had a difficult few years with falling sales of print and changing attitudes.  I must admit that this all seems a long way from today. Hugh Hefner and Marilyn Monroe are characters from history and a world that is certainly not a part of my life. The reality of modern business is so different. We as a firm embrace diversity and equality and the thought that anyone would be treated differently because of gender or place of birth is an anathema. More than half of our staff are female with the board of directors and the wider management team split 50/50 and all our staff are judged on the same criteria.


The Power of Branding

Are you on target?

So what is the reality of today and particularly for business? It’s all about making your way in the world. Creating your brand in a niche and building your business and your role, no matter who you are.

We have our own plans for how we want to develop The Long Partnership (TLP). I find that most people have an idea where they would like to be in say 10 years. However, they are not always working towards that goal. At TLP  we want to help as many people in business as possible to achieve their goals and so, we took a crossbow to Highland Spotlight this week. Confused? Let me explain.

Business Support Makes a Difference

Highland SpotlightI know that business in the North of Scotland is on the up. You just have to look around you. Organisations like The Chambers of Commerce and BNI are growing and flourishing. They give businesses the support needed and opportunities to build relationships with other businesses to their mutual advantage. Highland Business Week in Inverness of which The Highland Spotlight Exhibition is a part, is going from strength to strength.

Are You On Target

So why the crossbow? Our question for Highland Spotlight was “Are you on target” meaning are you on target to achieve the goals that you have set yourself. The crossbow was a gimmick, as was the very loud William Tell Overture playing as each of 40 people tried to hit the target.

Our top scores? These all got a perfect 30:

Peter Docherty, Rory Black,  Stanley Payne, Euan Calder, Sarah Frame O’Hare and Sean Gordon

But, are they also on target in their businesses, that is the question. Knowing them I suspect they are. But others may need some help to focus on how to grow their business and that is where we come in.

Watch our Highland Spotlight Special, and at the end, we will have a unique offer for you if you have aspirations to grow your business.


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