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We all have challenges in our business and personal lives. You are no different. We are just the same.

What is the key challenge for you, right now? Is it business, or tax, or a combination of the two?

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Are you worried?

  • you are paying too much tax, needlessly.
  • you are not making enough money ie profit
  • about finding legally acceptable strategies for reducing tax and National insurance payments, and then how to implement them.
  • about how to improve profitability,
  • that you do not have sufficient information to run your business efficiently,
  • that HMRC will go off with a great big bite out of your estate on death and leave nothing for your children,
  • about the economy and what you need to do to survive.
  • cash flow, restructuring your finances or restructuring and re-organising your whole business.
  • not having an experienced and valued business adviser who you can rely upon in good times and bad.

Or maybe you just need someone with experience with whom you can discuss business matters, float ideas and discuss possible solutions to one of the all too numerous issues that you are having to deal with right now.

Well, you have come to the right place.

HoldTAXMost of the world gets stressed when dealing with the local tax authorities. In Scotland, it is no different. Everybody worries about keeping on the right side of HMRC, although some may be more concerned with not getting caught (we cannot help with that, but we can negotiate settlements with HMRC).

And on top of all that you need to generate profits despite all the red tape we all have to live with. You have your home and all those within it to support, and that all takes money, that you have to fight hard to get.

There are no easy businesses out there. We all have to fight to get ahead. The road is tough and may require hard work with long hours to succeed. The path of any successful business is always challenging, it helps to have a travelling companion, someone to speak to and whose advice you can trust. You need someone with experience who has done it all before and can share their real experiences with you and ease your own way, eliminating the need for you to go through the same agonies all over again.

Experience and wisdom count.

If you have a problem, we have probably seen it before. If you have the “bookkeeping from hell”, we have seen worse. Experience and wisdom are valuable in the ever changing tax and business environment in which we all operate. Let’s travel a while together and we will share our experiences as we go forward together.

We have built and grown our own business operating over locations throughout the North. We have the bruises, although thankfully no broken bones.

We speak about the things that other read about in books.

If you are in business and need help, we will be there either to help you ourselves or, if it needs a specialist, we will know someone who can help.

Whatever the problem, just pick up the phone. Remember the old saying, “a trouble shared is a trouble halved”. Well, sometimes we can just sort it out there and then, and it is more than just halved. Remember, we will never advise you to do anything that we have not or would not do ourselves

Call today and book a consultation.

You will not regret it. 

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Profit is not the most important thing in business. The most important thing is serving your clients. If you do that well, you will be rewarded with profits. Profit is like the air you breathe or the blood in your veins. It is not the purpose of living but it is an intrinsic part of it. You cannot live without air or blood. A business cannot survive without profit.”

You concentrate on serving your clients and customers. We can do the rest.