Videos of Dragon Slayers and Tax trolls

At the Long Partnership, we like to be different and never more so than in our presentations and when attending exhibitions. This started a few years back when putting together a short presentation about who we are and what we do, from then on, I have been tagged as the Dragon Slayer.

Well, if you stand up in a  room full of people and tell them that what we do is Dragon Slaying (especially when they expected me to say that we are accountants) it is going to get people’s attention. Right?

We fight your tax dragons whether that be a particularly intransigent tax officer of the ever more complex UK tax system. Our aim is quite simple …  to make your life less taxing!

Dragon Slayer Video, Spotlight 2015

The video was created for Highland spotlight 2015 and projected onto the ceiling, learned a lot and stepped up our game in the following year.

Spotlight 2016  and Tax Trolls


Tax trolls (aka tax inspectors) were once thought to be dying out but lately, we have seen a resurgence in the species. What is causing this upturn in numbers and activity? The chief wizard, Hammond needs cash like a vampire needs blood. He has sent his trolls out into the world of taxpayers to reap a harvest of money from the unrepresented and unwary.

Tax trolls (Latin name taxus findusbiteus) generally hunt alone but once they have isolated their victim, others join in the feast. After some effort and more that a few bites and scratches, we captured a tax troll and took it (safely boxed) to The Chamber of Commerce Spotlight event at The Kingsmills in Inverness. The creature screamed and growled and breathed fire and smoke throughout the day.

If you want to know how we captured it, and about the team that captured it led by Gordy Macintosh, there is another video below.

Now tell me that we are just like other accountants!


Look our for more videos,  I have been filmed chasing Tax Trolls in the streets of Inverness and there is that tricky subject of make tax digital (MTD)….